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You too wanted not the notation, and love.Fairy tales which we compose literally under way, very much us help out, when passions are heated.They will help the most clear in a way to explain to the child why it is necessary to do that to it is absolute it is not pleasant.To clean a nouse, for example.Many this procedure hate, and – so in general guard.Certainly, it is possible to catch and connect, and to dig these opposite drops.And it is possible – to tell the fairy tale.To convince this fairy tale with pictures.Fairy tale you will tell, and pictures will be drawn in children's imagination.

Put the child

Stimulate activity of the child Cervical muscles of the child become stronger.Lying on a stomach, it lifts the head more often.Sometimes lifts also a breast and tries to make a start feet.Put the child on a floor several times during the day.Near to the kid put an unbreakable mirror or a bright toy.These subjects will stimulate its activity.Tell fairy tales Fairy tales and stories promote adjustment of contact between parents and kids.Tell that you do.The kid with pleasure will consider pictures in books and magazines.You can think up the short stories accompanying pictures.

How itit

It at them a stick the rag – in a raincoat for the princess turns into a racer, and.And we than worse You gather … get a bottle with spirits … Let's assume that spirits ended, and it is a pity to throw out.As it still it is possible to use – not directly If it is difficult first to present – remember itself the girl with a tail or the boy in shorts.How itit of it would dispose What is a toy.Look at any thing and tell to itself If it to play, it will be turns, turns ….And in what Or – on the contrary.Ask itself a question Of what it is possible to make carpet – the plane Look back around.

With their

Not only flowers, and everything that it interests vases, columns, landscapes.Both on a board, and on paper.These are spontaneous attempts.From the smallest age our pupils use paints, learn to combine, regulate them a color saturation.To select the exact shade corresponding to natural color.For this purpose there is a material consisting of tubes with three primary colors red, yellow, dark blue.With their help it is possible to receive a set of different flowers and shades.The eye gets used to distinguish the smallest nuances of color.For drawing remarkably prepares studying of natural sciences.Once I showed to children a flower structure.

Usually it is storedhouses. At girls

Not only

They conduct intense spiritual life.Their internal images not imagination product, and direct perception of reality.Not only supervision of ordinary people confirm existence of these internal impressions, but also that influence which they render on soul of the person.Divine revelation sacred Theresa speaks it is the huge pleasure enriching soul, light, wisdom and a preimage.But if we wanted to describe the similar impressions which have not been connected with sense organs, all the same we should use sensual language.I heard speaks blissful to Raymond de Kap a voice not from air, but he said the words reaching my consciousness and my ears.


FIRST HOURS OF LIFE OF THE CHILD Your kid passed the most difficult test in life.It passed through narrow patrimonial ways and was born.Sometimes mother and the child need the help various obstetric manipulations or Cesarean section.Not important, what way the kid arrived to you, the main thing it with you! The kid is born and after the birth is in a condition of a postnatal stress.When the child is born, his principal organs already function.The kid can see, hear, feel smells, taste, to feel touches.Clearness of sight while is absent, but the kid perceives everything that occurs round it.In more detail we will talk about it on the st week.

,, I show

In this case the child endures the events occurring to the namesake more sharply, zainteresovanny treats his destiny.Everything that concerns a name of the child, gets for it special personal sense.,, I show to Andryusha in the newspaper the letter And.Andryusha, here your letter And Andryusha.Flattered the son, Duke happily smiles.Kirill jealously And my letter I find also Kirilkina a letter.From V.S.Mukhina's diary.Importance of a name for formation of the identity of the child cannot be overestimated.The address to him, encouragement begins with a name of the child Petja the good boy! or its censure for unlawful actions.

The steady

When children get acquainted with such general regularities, they with huge interest trace their manifestation in special cases, before them the new parties of world around reveal and they start to see that the doctrine is a way to surprising opening.The steady and dismembered informative interests create desire at the child to study, constantly to receive new knowledge.Ability assumes to study first of all understanding of sense of an educational task as a task which carry out to learn, ability to distinguish educational tasks from practical, life experiences.


Gradually an eye, watching hand movement, starts to notice approach and removal from the purpose and to make to movement continuous amendments.Practical mastering by space achievement of the purpose becomes possible much earlier, than visual determination of distances and the directions.Emergence of consecutive approach of a hand to a subject which it is observed in the life second half of the year testifies that an eye, watching a hand, at last learned to understand location of a subject.Only at the very end of the first year of life there is possible a hvataniye blindly the child looks at a toy, then if something distracted it, turns away and nevertheless unmistakably takes it.

In it all difficulty

It is clear, that matter is not in broken a dandelion, it – consequence, and the reason in something another.In it all difficulty with small children behind an external event not at once you will guess the true reason of their inadequate behavior.And they especially cannot recognize her concepts about life for the present vague, to them it is simply bad, harmful, whimsical – and all.For now not you will guess, both you will not sound, and you will not tell to the child about it aloud, and as follows you will not sympathize – to correct and adjust – the same that to fight against windmills.

But … at any time

You do not want, that it took away to itself that does not belong to it..Learn to separate the truth from fiction I wish, I want from is, I can Usually by the beginning of school years by – years the child learns not only to separate the world of fairy tales from the reality world, but also not to be confused and not to mix one with another.Also understand that desire and possession – different things.But … at any time there can be incidents.The desire suddenly will appear such intolerable that the reason cannot it to win.


Razvitiye's exline in game therapy.Dibs in search of itself.M April Press,~, Than the dump is attractiveactions with toys and materials.Experience showed that here are irreplaceablesocalled unstructured materials for example, clay, sand,water.In a psychotherapeutic game room always there is a sandbox, wherethe child can be located, a basin with damp clay, a sink and the crane with water,to which can pour down somehow.These materials can be rumpled, pressed,to throw, splash being rumpled, loose, unsteady, flowin they it is easy at ~ on itself any, even the most rough influences of the person.

After four

On several pictures it was drawn on two firtrees having different size and being at different distance from each other.Children asked Where big firtrees are drawn Where the small are drawn What firtrees stand close What firtrees stand far Where identical firtrees are drawn As the answer the instructions of the child on this or that image served.After four years becomes possible and poll assuming verbal answers of children, i.e.conversation in the true sense words.Conversation is applied when it is necessary to find out knowledge and representations of the child, his opinion on subjects, the phenomena, events, people and their acts, on.

Before the pupil

And suddenly finds out that the schoolmate at first everything goes on nosochka, carrying out an order all the time, and then that sits down, again starts to go on nosochka.So he understood from time to time.Before the pupil there is a serious problem how to express the desire so that it understood.Other kid wrote Go round tables.He hoped that schoolmates will bypass a snake all tables in a class, and children for some reason move on room perimeter, bypassing at once all tables.The author of a plan reddens and starts to shout Stop! Stop! Not so! It not in forces to take out a mistake and to endure shock from discrepancy of ideas it to a real embodiment.

In an art form

In an art form Gaidar created model of life idealthe domestic children's group bearing the Soviet ideology, but expressing to the romantic ~ache dreams of any children's subculture the fair leader who can be an example forimitations, friendly unity of the children's company consisting of boys ~kovy age, confidential and semigame nature of their obshchestvenno~polezny activity etc.The team of Timur thought up by Gaidar appeared so corresponding deepto sotsialno~psikhologichesky ideals of children of younger shkolnogo~rannepodrostkovy age,that emergence of this literary work served as the beginning of expansion realmovements which nearly years existed in the USSR.

,, At Ira directly

It only removes negative emotions and creates conditions at which the child can test joyful experience.But such experience is caused by receiving impressions, and especially the impressions connected with the adult.,, At Ira directly after feedin as well as at other observed children, emotional and positive reactions are absent.At visual and acoustical concentration on a face of the adult and sounds of his voice there was a braking of the general movements, in seconds replaced by the expressive smile lasting of seconds.From M.Yu.Kistyakovskoy's supervision.

In two years

Mouth mother! points to me.And again points to reflection Mouth mother! And there are a lot of times.From V.S.Mukhina's diary.The cognizance of in the photo and in the film complicates children more than a cognizance in a mirror.In two years they well recognize other people and a situation in which shooting was made, but itself start to recognize only from the middle of the third year of life, and for some time the child speaks about the image at cinema as if it is the second it that Sascha.In it difficulty of understanding of an invariance itself in a different situation is shown.

The disease

The disease is shown during feeding up introduction when children start to use the products containing .Tseliakiya is shown by the following symptoms loss of weight of a body and delay of rates of development after introduction of the feeding up containing ; appetite loss; diarrhea; fetid chair; the raised gazoobrazovaniye in intestines; the blownup stomach; bellyaches; yazvochka in a mouth; integuments pale or gray; lengthening of time of a fibrillation, as a result emergence of bruises and bruises at insignificant force of influence; in hard cases a growth stop.

As it to make

This reception will be suitable and for years from five, and for all, who is more senior.So, the Fairy tale from a name … Suggest the child to tell the familiar fairy tale.But it is not simple so, and on behalf of any hero.As it to make – At first remember together this fairy tale and all her heroes; – Then suggest to choose somebody one, on behalf of whom it will tell.For example, fairy tale Kolobok.Tell this thriller can the protagonist, either Hare, or Fox, or a path, on which Kolobok slid.Or even hero of other fairy tale the fairy, Woman Yaga, Ivan – country son … It is clear, that these will be absolutely different.

Whenever possible

Many of these convenient things contain dioxide of coal which leads to suffocation of children.Whenever possible nurse the child.Children being on natural feedin are exposed to a syndrome of sudden death less often.In a room of the child it should not be stuffy and hot.Support houses air temperature, comfortable for you.Children subjected to overheatin are subject to a syndrome of sudden death more.If the child sleeps together with you, let it is near you, but is not absolutely close from you.It will prevent possibility of suffocation of the kid.


It is medicine established the events reasons absence of the civil rights at children.But today the law compels children to work heavy for many years, subjecting bodies to tortures.If the medicine paid attention to responsible why will not turn it on the innocentThe science does not protect children The medicine is limited to treatment of the arisen diseases, without assuming a role of the defender of life.Battling to microbes, she won a fine victory over death.If it as struggled with youth exhaustion, would deserve glory of the patroness of future generations.

When the child

When the child was tired Probably, to week age of the kid you can easily understand, when the kid was tired the child rubs eyes, his look grew dull, he does not want to continue communication, is capricious or cries.Strongly tired kid will show behavior which is not peculiar to its age.The child will have reflexes which we considered died awayCame to clean time the moving bright toys attached to a cot.h JAS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDshy, that is the child will return to earlier age.The kid will start to suck a finger, to twirl by the head, to cry.It will need to be calmed.

When adults

So, drawin the child uses the paints which colors are picked up according to flowers of a solar range; designing from cubes, it uses triangular, rectangular, square elements of different size, in mosaics, materials for application multicolored circles, triangles, small squares etc.are presented.When adults help the child with performance of drawings, constructions, they inevitably call the main forms and colors.Assimilation of touch standards as well as formation of any ideas of properties of subjects, results from the actions of perception directed on inspection of versions of a form, color, the relations on size and other properties and the relations which should gain value of samples.

Each equipment

Plant the child to itself on knees.With one hand hold his head, another stroke his back Take the kid on hands and press to the breast Put the child to itself on knees the person down.Hold his head with a hand The nd WEEK choose what suits your kid more.Each equipment provides a poglazhivaniye or a gentle pokhlopyvaniye on a back of the kid.See page Bathing wiping of the kid The crust on an umbilical wound of the kid did not disappear yet.The area of an umbilical ring can be a little edematous.Continue to look after an umbilical rin wiping it balls with alcohol after each change of a diaper.

In the subway

In land transport he should watch that is visible from a window.Where we go When to me to leave If it is a constant route of tripsthe child as usual also happens, he should remember and be able to identifycharacteristic signs behind a window intersections, at home, signs, advertizing on which it can be guided, in advance prepare for an exit.~yes children therein in addition consider stops.In the subway the passenger tries to listen attentively to the announcement about ~scientific research institute of the next station.Besides, it has pair of seconds to identifyindividual decor of station when the train already stops.

I still

It was from ~plants with long stalks of meter on two and a half.I still do not know,that it were for plants and as they got to us.Long ropes we feather ~ high stalks also connected them with big leaves with each other.The house in which light did not make the way almost turned out.There it was cozy and warm.This place was ours, and anybody did not know about it.We picked berries, arrangedformal dinner parties also ate all.In years the staff was under a ladder at an entrance.

Not hurrying

As you will move itself At last the footpath deduces you to the sea.Over the sea seagulls rush.Far they or it is close How they behave In the sea you see the ship.What it How it is far it from the coast You it you will reach That's all, your travel happily ended.You you come back home to the holidaymakers who have freshened up and joyful.Not hurrying open eyes.Tell, it was pleasant to you And to you Usually such travel refreshes and encourages.And still gives to the child and to the adult feeling that someone very strong and the kind conducts it on life for the handle, helps, directs and will not give abyss by no means.

Over time

His body moved in the set rhythm.And only when the teacher ceased to play, the kid rushed towards to the friend.Over time in children interest to guessing of the size of a melody three quarters, four quarters wakes up.They take sticks, small drums, castanets.Collective exercises begin.When children learned to feel a rhythm, the amount of work, to allocate a strong share, it is possible to suggest for them to play scale on , , quarters and triplets.

Then it appears, that

In we already said that sand belongs toto group of socalled unstructured materials it is simple ~puchy mass of substance.Digging and pouring it, absolutely small child about ~ that sand easily gives in to influence and in it it is possible to leavetraces of the presence at a type of poles, small groups, flutes.Then it appears,that from all types of a matter of world around damp sand to submit ~the bodice also is obedient to the child so that he can easily subordinate him to theto creating will there comes an era of a Kulichiki.In ~ years for the child through ~vychayno it is important to feel for the first time itself as the lord of a sand kingdom, where itcan create something or, on the contrary, destroy.

From tram

To turn for a corner of the house and for a corner of shop it was strictly forbidden.Parallel to our street behind our houses there was another narrow, silent,the very shady.Parents ~ never there drove children.There ~the ny house of baptists, but we then did not understand that this such.Iz~za of the dense hightrees there never was the sun as in dark.From tram OST ~novka moved to the mysterious house dressed in black silent figures of hundred ~rushka.At them always were ~ bags in hands.Later we went there ~ their singing.

It makes

Set of these factors influences with what mass of a body he will be born.Average mass of a body at the birth of kg of g.As you understand, if there is an average value, therefore, there are also fluctuations of values in the big and smaller parties.At the birth measure not only mass of a body, but also its length average values from to cm, a head and stomach circle.Soon after the birth of the kid there is a socalled physiological loss of weight of a body.It makes to % from weight of a body at the birth.Physiological loss of weight of a body is usually more expressed at children who have been born a natural way.

Ask relatives

If your patience on an outcome, ask about the help.Ask relatives or employ the nurse if feel that your negative mood can be transferred to the child.Try not to lead up to critical situations.Rest will help to find forces and will allow to treat whims of the kid more quietly.The main thin you should remember always that it is your child.Try to focus the attention on the positive moments of interaction with the kid.With age the kid will be quieter.Try to make everything that to it it was comfortable and good.Understanding of an executed duty will bring you calm and will give new strength.


– Be constructed in a column and go forward, will not reach yet free space, there rise in a circle, then form an oval, then a square, at the end a trapeze.PronounAnalysis Material a grammatical box with six offices supplied with color cards with names of parts of speech black for nouns, chestnut for adjectives, red for verbs, violet for pretexts, pink for adverbs and green for pronouns.In a box the place for larger cards with phrases for the analysis is provided.Cards are made taking into account replacement of nouns with pronouns in offers.

The contradictions

First of all, adults should change the relation to the child to provide to it it is more than independence, to recognize its increased possibilities and to give samples of that new kind of activity in which these possibilities can be realized.The contradictions arising during mental development and leaders to emergence of new requirements and interests and mastering by new kinds of activity, are motive forces of mental development.If these contradictions did not arise, there would be impossible a transition from one stage of mental development on another, and the child should stop on reached as at it would not be to move incentive.


To such control it is yet capable.Possibility meaningly to operate the behavior at the child of early age is extremely limited.It is very difficult to it to resist immediate satisfaction of the arisen desire and it is even more difficult to execute unattractive action according to the proposal of the adult.To children at the age from a year till three years gave after a breakfast on candy and suggested to eat it until mother that let's to it try will come.From seventeen children of the second year of life kept and did not eat candy only seven, and from sixteen children of the third year of life nine.

Such toys

Destroy, break! But we will return to our broken toys.What to do with the broken toys subjects and things.Do not hurry up to throw out.Know, what the broken toy from the point of view of the kid and the child grown up means Transformation.The usual broke and became another mysterious, magic, strange.Such toys and such things fine help in creative development.In one kindergarten in a corridor put a box where adults put all breakages the broken safe things, details from the broken toys, etc.and allowed children to approach to this box when it will want, to take that it will want and with these features in plenty to play.

Kamal grew

However their value variously.Examples from Ionia and Kamala in this sense are very instructive the monkey who has been brought up by the person, and the child raised by a wolf.Ionia grew a monkey, with all inherent chimpanzees features of behavior.Kamal grew notthe person, and being with typical wolf habits.Therefore, lines of monkey behavior are considerably put in her brain, predetermined hereditarily.The devil of human behavior, human mental qualities in a brain of the child is not present'.

Calm the kid You can find

Without having found a breast of mother, the kid willingly sucks a baby's dummy and if it is not present a finger.Calm the kid You can find own way of calm of the kid.Suggest it to smell your clothes if on it there is no smell of perfume.Hang up near the child any thing having your smell.Probably, it will help to calm the kid.The kid likes to consider faces The child even more often looks for a meeting with your eyes.When you hold it on hands, talk to it and sing to it, involuntarily rivet on yourself its attention.You notice that the kid can hold on you the look within seconds.

Claim on recognition. After

How Very

Purity it is good, and here mania of an order not so.Well and the third, perhaps, the most important for you now at this stage of life why syzmalstvo to spoil the relations with the child Good relations they oh as still will be useful to you! What to do To organize business so that to the child while to the kid, most it wanted to make so and so to clean to the place of a toy to wipe the little table to wipe the footwear after walk generally guide purity.How Very simply.Here, for example, a sketch which just today I with great pleasure observed.Arina, the young lady of four and a half years, pulled out from a box a big berry oldZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

It is well

The deviations which have arisen because of its absence in mental development demand special kompensadiya compensation.It is well visible on an example of deafanddumb children which speeches after three years start to train.Backlog is found in them in many kinds of activity and in development of mental processes and qualities there is no syuzhetnorolevy game, there is no subject drawin perception and thinking development is late.All these shortcomings can be eliminated with the price of the big pedagogical work directed not only on training of speech, but also for other parties of development.

During booking

The administration considers that during malfunctions in a technical condition of the plane or at other incidents it is impossible to hold on hands of the child in sharp turbulent streams of air.Before flight discuss your plans with the pediatrist.AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED If you decided to place the child in an automobile seat, do not forget to pay a chair to which you will fix a seat.During booking of tickets ask about discounts operating for kids.When affairs go not so smoothly as it would be desirable.Travel should go according to the plan.But there are situations when from you nothing for hangs.


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