Claim on recognition. After

Claim on recognition. After Complication of activity of children leads to that often there is a need to consider the point of view of the companion, his rights and interests.

It is hard to children to acquire rules of relationship, and they quite often apply them at the beginning formally, without understanding features of this concrete case.

Mastering by rules of relationship occurs only as a resultthe experience received by children in practice of change, violation and restoration of these rules.

Claim on recognition.

After emergence of the emotional relation to as good and primary identification with the floor the child has a new socially necessary education aspiration to correspond to requirements of adults, aspiration to be recognized.

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How Very

How Very Purity it is good, and here mania of an order not so.

Well and the third, perhaps, the most important for you now at this stage of life why syzmalstvo to spoil the relations with the child Good relations they oh as still will be useful to you! What to do To organize business so that to the child while to the kid, most it wanted to make so and so to clean to the place of a toy to wipe the little table to wipe the footwear after walk generally guide purity.

How Very simply.

Here, for example, a sketch which just today I with great pleasure observed.

Arina, the young lady of four and a half years, pulled out from a box a big berry oldZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

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It is well

It is well The deviations which have arisen because of its absence in mental development demand special kompensadiya compensation.

It is well visible on an example of deafanddumb children which speeches after three years start to train.

Backlog is found in them in many kinds of activity and in development of mental processes and qualities there is no syuzhetnorolevy game, there is no subject drawin perception and thinking development is late.

All these shortcomings can be eliminated with the price of the big pedagogical work directed not only on training of speech, but also for other parties of development.

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During booking

During booking The administration considers that during malfunctions in a technical condition of the plane or at other incidents it is impossible to hold on hands of the child in sharp turbulent streams of air.

Before flight discuss your plans with the pediatrist.

AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED If you decided to place the child in an automobile seat, do not forget to pay a chair to which you will fix a seat.

During booking of tickets ask about discounts operating for kids.

When affairs go not so smoothly as it would be desirable.

Travel should go according to the plan.

But there are situations when from you nothing for hangs.

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