The contradictions

The contradictions First of all, adults should change the relation to the child to provide to it it is more than independence, to recognize its increased possibilities and to give samples of that new kind of activity in which these possibilities can be realized.

The contradictions arising during mental development and leaders to emergence of new requirements and interests and mastering by new kinds of activity, are motive forces of mental development.

If these contradictions did not arise, there would be impossible a transition from one stage of mental development on another, and the child should stop on reached as at it would not be to move incentive.

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Possibility To such control it is yet capable.

Possibility meaningly to operate the behavior at the child of early age is extremely limited.

It is very difficult to it to resist immediate satisfaction of the arisen desire and it is even more difficult to execute unattractive action according to the proposal of the adult.

To children at the age from a year till three years gave after a breakfast on candy and suggested to eat it until mother that let's to it try will come.

From seventeen children of the second year of life kept and did not eat candy only seven, and from sixteen children of the third year of life nine.

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Such toys

Such toys Destroy, break! But we will return to our broken toys.

What to do with the broken toys subjects and things.

Do not hurry up to throw out.

Know, what the broken toy from the point of view of the kid and the child grown up means Transformation.

The usual broke and became another mysterious, magic, strange.

Such toys and such things fine help in creative development.

In one kindergarten in a corridor put a box where adults put all breakages the broken safe things, details from the broken toys, etc.

and allowed children to approach to this box when it will want, to take that it will want and with these features in plenty to play.

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Kamal grew

Kamal grew However their value variously.

Examples from Ionia and Kamala in this sense are very instructive the monkey who has been brought up by the person, and the child raised by a wolf.

Ionia grew a monkey, with all inherent chimpanzees features of behavior.

Kamal grew notthe person, and being with typical wolf habits.

Therefore, lines of monkey behavior are considerably put in her brain, predetermined hereditarily.

The devil of human behavior, human mental qualities in a brain of the child is not present'.

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Calm the kid You can find

Calm the kid You can findWithout having found a breast of mother, the kid willingly sucks a baby's dummy and if it is not present a finger.

Calm the kid You can find own way of calm of the kid.

Suggest it to smell your clothes if on it there is no smell of perfume.

Hang up near the child any thing having your smell.

Probably, it will help to calm the kid.

The kid likes to consider faces The child even more often looks for a meeting with your eyes.

When you hold it on hands, talk to it and sing to it, involuntarily rivet on yourself its attention.

You notice that the kid can hold on you the look within seconds.

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