Then it appears, that

Then it appears, that In we already said that sand belongs toto group of socalled unstructured materials it is simple ~puchy mass of substance.

Digging and pouring it, absolutely small child about ~ that sand easily gives in to influence and in it it is possible to leavetraces of the presence at a type of poles, small groups, flutes.

Then it appears,that from all types of a matter of world around damp sand to submit ~the bodice also is obedient to the child so that he can easily subordinate him to theto creating will there comes an era of a Kulichiki.

In ~ years for the child through ~vychayno it is important to feel for the first time itself as the lord of a sand kingdom, where itcan create something or, on the contrary, destroy.

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From tram

From tramTo turn for a corner of the house and for a corner of shop it was strictly forbidden.

Parallel to our street behind our houses there was another narrow, silent,the very shady.

Parents ~ never there drove children.

There ~the ny house of baptists, but we then did not understand that this such.

Iz~za of the dense hightrees there never was the sun as in dark.

From tram OST ~novka moved to the mysterious house dressed in black silent figures of hundred ~rushka.

At them always were ~ bags in hands.

Later we went there ~ their singing.

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It makes

It makes Set of these factors influences with what mass of a body he will be born.

Average mass of a body at the birth of kg of g.

As you understand, if there is an average value, therefore, there are also fluctuations of values in the big and smaller parties.

At the birth measure not only mass of a body, but also its length average values from to cm, a head and stomach circle.

Soon after the birth of the kid there is a socalled physiological loss of weight of a body.

It makes to % from weight of a body at the birth.

Physiological loss of weight of a body is usually more expressed at children who have been born a natural way.

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Ask relatives

Ask relatives If your patience on an outcome, ask about the help.

Ask relatives or employ the nurse if feel that your negative mood can be transferred to the child.

Try not to lead up to critical situations.

Rest will help to find forces and will allow to treat whims of the kid more quietly.

The main thin you should remember always that it is your child.

Try to focus the attention on the positive moments of interaction with the kid.

With age the kid will be quieter.

Try to make everything that to it it was comfortable and good.

Understanding of an executed duty will bring you calm and will give new strength.

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PronounAnalysis – Be constructed in a column and go forward, will not reach yet free space, there rise in a circle, then form an oval, then a square, at the end a trapeze.

PronounAnalysis Material a grammatical box with six offices supplied with color cards with names of parts of speech black for nouns, chestnut for adjectives, red for verbs, violet for pretexts, pink for adverbs and green for pronouns.

In a box the place for larger cards with phrases for the analysis is provided.

Cards are made taking into account replacement of nouns with pronouns in offers.

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