Each equipment

Each equipmentPlant the child to itself on knees.

With one hand hold his head, another stroke his back Take the kid on hands and press to the breast Put the child to itself on knees the person down.

Hold his head with a hand The nd WEEK choose what suits your kid more.

Each equipment provides a poglazhivaniye or a gentle pokhlopyvaniye on a back of the kid.

See page Bathing wiping of the kid The crust on an umbilical wound of the kid did not disappear yet.

The area of an umbilical ring can be a little edematous.

Continue to look after an umbilical rin wiping it balls with alcohol after each change of a diaper.

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In the subway

In the subwayIn land transport he should watch that is visible from a window.

Where we go When to me to leave If it is a constant route of tripsthe child as usual also happens, he should remember and be able to identifycharacteristic signs behind a window intersections, at home, signs, advertizing on which it can be guided, in advance prepare for an exit.

~yes children therein in addition consider stops.

In the subway the passenger tries to listen attentively to the announcement about ~scientific research institute of the next station.

Besides, it has pair of seconds to identifyindividual decor of station when the train already stops.

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I still

I still It was from ~plants with long stalks of meter on two and a half.

I still do not know,that it were for plants and as they got to us.

Long ropes we feather ~ high stalks also connected them with big leaves with each other.

The house in which light did not make the way almost turned out.

There it was cozy and warm.

This place was ours, and anybody did not know about it.

We picked berries, arrangedformal dinner parties also ate all.

In years the staff was under a ladder at an entrance.

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Not hurrying

Not hurrying As you will move itself At last the footpath deduces you to the sea.

Over the sea seagulls rush.

Far they or it is close How they behave In the sea you see the ship.

What it How it is far it from the coast You it you will reach That's all, your travel happily ended.

You you come back home to the holidaymakers who have freshened up and joyful.

Not hurrying open eyes.

Tell, it was pleasant to you And to you Usually such travel refreshes and encourages.

And still gives to the child and to the adult feeling that someone very strong and the kind conducts it on life for the handle, helps, directs and will not give abyss by no means.

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Over time

Over time His body moved in the set rhythm.

And only when the teacher ceased to play, the kid rushed towards to the friend.

Over time in children interest to guessing of the size of a melody three quarters, four quarters wakes up.

They take sticks, small drums, castanets.

Collective exercises begin.

When children learned to feel a rhythm, the amount of work, to allocate a strong share, it is possible to suggest for them to play scale on , , quarters and triplets.

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