As it to make

As it to make This reception will be suitable and for years from five, and for all, who is more senior.

So, the Fairy tale from a name … Suggest the child to tell the familiar fairy tale.

But it is not simple so, and on behalf of any hero.

As it to make – At first remember together this fairy tale and all her heroes; – Then suggest to choose somebody one, on behalf of whom it will tell.

For example, fairy tale Kolobok.

Tell this thriller can the protagonist, either Hare, or Fox, or a path, on which Kolobok slid.

Or even hero of other fairy tale the fairy, Woman Yaga, Ivan – country son … It is clear, that these will be absolutely different.

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Whenever possible

Whenever possible Many of these convenient things contain dioxide of coal which leads to suffocation of children.

Whenever possible nurse the child.

Children being on natural feedin are exposed to a syndrome of sudden death less often.

In a room of the child it should not be stuffy and hot.

Support houses air temperature, comfortable for you.

Children subjected to overheatin are subject to a syndrome of sudden death more.

If the child sleeps together with you, let it is near you, but is not absolutely close from you.

It will prevent possibility of suffocation of the kid.

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Battling It is medicine established the events reasons absence of the civil rights at children.

But today the law compels children to work heavy for many years, subjecting bodies to tortures.

If the medicine paid attention to responsible why will not turn it on the innocentThe science does not protect children The medicine is limited to treatment of the arisen diseases, without assuming a role of the defender of life.

Battling to microbes, she won a fine victory over death.

If it as struggled with youth exhaustion, would deserve glory of the patroness of future generations.

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When the child

When the child When the child was tired Probably, to week age of the kid you can easily understand, when the kid was tired the child rubs eyes, his look grew dull, he does not want to continue communication, is capricious or cries.

Strongly tired kid will show behavior which is not peculiar to its age.

The child will have reflexes which we considered died awayCame to clean time the moving bright toys attached to a cot.

h JAS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDshy, that is the child will return to earlier age.

The kid will start to suck a finger, to twirl by the head, to cry.

It will need to be calmed.

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When adults

When adults So, drawin the child uses the paints which colors are picked up according to flowers of a solar range; designing from cubes, it uses triangular, rectangular, square elements of different size, in mosaics, materials for application multicolored circles, triangles, small squares etc.

are presented.

When adults help the child with performance of drawings, constructions, they inevitably call the main forms and colors.

Assimilation of touch standards as well as formation of any ideas of properties of subjects, results from the actions of perception directed on inspection of versions of a form, color, the relations on size and other properties and the relations which should gain value of samples.

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