Before the pupil

Before the pupil And suddenly finds out that the schoolmate at first everything goes on nosochka, carrying out an order all the time, and then that sits down, again starts to go on nosochka.

So he understood from time to time.

Before the pupil there is a serious problem how to express the desire so that it understood.

Other kid wrote Go round tables.

He hoped that schoolmates will bypass a snake all tables in a class, and children for some reason move on room perimeter, bypassing at once all tables.

The author of a plan reddens and starts to shout Stop! Stop! Not so! It not in forces to take out a mistake and to endure shock from discrepancy of ideas it to a real embodiment.

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In an art form

In an art form In an art form Gaidar created model of life idealthe domestic children's group bearing the Soviet ideology, but expressing to the romantic ~ache dreams of any children's subculture the fair leader who can be an example forimitations, friendly unity of the children's company consisting of boys ~kovy age, confidential and semigame nature of their obshchestvenno~polezny activity etc.

The team of Timur thought up by Gaidar appeared so corresponding deepto sotsialno~psikhologichesky ideals of children of younger shkolnogo~rannepodrostkovy age,that emergence of this literary work served as the beginning of expansion realmovements which nearly years existed in the USSR.

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,, At Ira directly

,, At Ira directly It only removes negative emotions and creates conditions at which the child can test joyful experience.

But such experience is caused by receiving impressions, and especially the impressions connected with the adult.

,, At Ira directly after feedin as well as at other observed children, emotional and positive reactions are absent.

At visual and acoustical concentration on a face of the adult and sounds of his voice there was a braking of the general movements, in seconds replaced by the expressive smile lasting of seconds.

From M.


Kistyakovskoy's supervision.

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In two years

In two years Mouth mother! points to me.

And again points to reflection Mouth mother! And there are a lot of times.

From V.


Mukhina's diary.

The cognizance of in the photo and in the film complicates children more than a cognizance in a mirror.

In two years they well recognize other people and a situation in which shooting was made, but itself start to recognize only from the middle of the third year of life, and for some time the child speaks about the image at cinema as if it is the second it that Sascha.

In it difficulty of understanding of an invariance itself in a different situation is shown.

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The disease

The disease The disease is shown during feeding up introduction when children start to use the products containing .

Tseliakiya is shown by the following symptoms loss of weight of a body and delay of rates of development after introduction of the feeding up containing ; appetite loss; diarrhea; fetid chair; the raised gazoobrazovaniye in intestines; the blownup stomach; bellyaches; yazvochka in a mouth; integuments pale or gray; lengthening of time of a fibrillation, as a result emergence of bruises and bruises at insignificant force of influence; in hard cases a growth stop.

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