Emergence Gradually an eye, watching hand movement, starts to notice approach and removal from the purpose and to make to movement continuous amendments.

Practical mastering by space achievement of the purpose becomes possible much earlier, than visual determination of distances and the directions.

Emergence of consecutive approach of a hand to a subject which it is observed in the life second half of the year testifies that an eye, watching a hand, at last learned to understand location of a subject.

Only at the very end of the first year of life there is possible a hvataniye blindly the child looks at a toy, then if something distracted it, turns away and nevertheless unmistakably takes it.

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In it all difficulty

In it all difficulty It is clear, that matter is not in broken a dandelion, it – consequence, and the reason in something another.

In it all difficulty with small children behind an external event not at once you will guess the true reason of their inadequate behavior.

And they especially cannot recognize her concepts about life for the present vague, to them it is simply bad, harmful, whimsical – and all.

For now not you will guess, both you will not sound, and you will not tell to the child about it aloud, and as follows you will not sympathize – to correct and adjust – the same that to fight against windmills.

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But … at any time

But … at any time You do not want, that it took away to itself that does not belong to it.


Learn to separate the truth from fiction I wish, I want from is, I can Usually by the beginning of school years by – years the child learns not only to separate the world of fairy tales from the reality world, but also not to be confused and not to mix one with another.

Also understand that desire and possession – different things.

But … at any time there can be incidents.

The desire suddenly will appear such intolerable that the reason cannot it to win.

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ExperienceRazvitiye's exline in game therapy.

Dibs in search of itself.

M April Press,~, Than the dump is attractiveactions with toys and materials.

Experience showed that here are irreplaceablesocalled unstructured materials for example, clay, sand,water.

In a psychotherapeutic game room always there is a sandbox, wherethe child can be located, a basin with damp clay, a sink and the crane with water,to which can pour down somehow.

These materials can be rumpled, pressed,to throw, splash being rumpled, loose, unsteady, flowin they it is easy at ~ on itself any, even the most rough influences of the person.

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After four

After four On several pictures it was drawn on two firtrees having different size and being at different distance from each other.

Children asked Where big firtrees are drawn Where the small are drawn What firtrees stand close What firtrees stand far Where identical firtrees are drawn As the answer the instructions of the child on this or that image served.

After four years becomes possible and poll assuming verbal answers of children, i.


conversation in the true sense words.

Conversation is applied when it is necessary to find out knowledge and representations of the child, his opinion on subjects, the phenomena, events, people and their acts, on.

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