Usually it is storedhouses. At girls

Usually it is storedhouses. At girls Thereby the child moves apart the sides ~ and itself by these and material symbols Ya it does ~ there is a lot of.

At the same time both features gain value and sense on ~it is so much, as far as the child wants to own and include them them in the ~vaniye and imaginations.

Approximately after five years terms are conditional children's the collector ~the stvo gains new lines.

At the child appears own ~vishchnitsa it is not my term, and the children's name.

Usually it is storedhouses.

At girls it is a box, a casket or a sack where are ~ny treasures.

Boys like all the to carry with themselves, and at them a roletreasuries are carried out often by own pocket.

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Not only

Not only They conduct intense spiritual life.

Their internal images not imagination product, and direct perception of reality.

Not only supervision of ordinary people confirm existence of these internal impressions, but also that influence which they render on soul of the person.

Divine revelation sacred Theresa speaks it is the huge pleasure enriching soul, light, wisdom and a preimage.

But if we wanted to describe the similar impressions which have not been connected with sense organs, all the same we should use sensual language.

I heard speaks blissful to Raymond de Kap a voice not from air, but he said the words reaching my consciousness and my ears.

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SometimesFIRST HOURS OF LIFE OF THE CHILD Your kid passed the most difficult test in life.

It passed through narrow patrimonial ways and was born.

Sometimes mother and the child need the help various obstetric manipulations or Cesarean section.

Not important, what way the kid arrived to you, the main thing it with you! The kid is born and after the birth is in a condition of a postnatal stress.

When the child is born, his principal organs already function.

The kid can see, hear, feel smells, taste, to feel touches.

Clearness of sight while is absent, but the kid perceives everything that occurs round it.

In more detail we will talk about it on the st week.

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,, I show

,, I show In this case the child endures the events occurring to the namesake more sharply, zainteresovanny treats his destiny.

Everything that concerns a name of the child, gets for it special personal sense.

,, I show to Andryusha in the newspaper the letter And.

Andryusha, here your letter And Andryusha.

Flattered the son, Duke happily smiles.

Kirill jealously And my letter I find also Kirilkina a letter.

From V.


Mukhina's diary.

Importance of a name for formation of the identity of the child cannot be overestimated.

The address to him, encouragement begins with a name of the child Petja the good boy! or its censure for unlawful actions.

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The steady

The steady When children get acquainted with such general regularities, they with huge interest trace their manifestation in special cases, before them the new parties of world around reveal and they start to see that the doctrine is a way to surprising opening.

The steady and dismembered informative interests create desire at the child to study, constantly to receive new knowledge.

Ability assumes to study first of all understanding of sense of an educational task as a task which carry out to learn, ability to distinguish educational tasks from practical, life experiences.

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