B. I wrap

B. I wrap What will you tellA.

Suffer a little, now I will be released.


I wrap the kid in a blanket, and you swaddle a doll.


While I change clothes of the kid, help me, a rattle!Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.


The baby dropped a baby's dummy and demands to return it to a mouth, into place.

And the senior child, to your amazement, suffices it and, prichmokivy, itself starts to suck, and with great pleasure.

How you think, whyA.

Misbehaves or has with might and main a good time.

To B.

It it is curious itself recently was here such.

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They will

They will You too wanted not the notation, and love.

Fairy tales which we compose literally under way, very much us help out, when passions are heated.

They will help the most clear in a way to explain to the child why it is necessary to do that to it is absolute it is not pleasant.

To clean a nouse, for example.

Many this procedure hate, and – so in general guard.

Certainly, it is possible to catch and connect, and to dig these opposite drops.

And it is possible – to tell the fairy tale.

To convince this fairy tale with pictures.

Fairy tale you will tell, and pictures will be drawn in children's imagination.

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Put the child

Put the child Stimulate activity of the child Cervical muscles of the child become stronger.

Lying on a stomach, it lifts the head more often.

Sometimes lifts also a breast and tries to make a start feet.

Put the child on a floor several times during the day.

Near to the kid put an unbreakable mirror or a bright toy.

These subjects will stimulate its activity.

Tell fairy tales Fairy tales and stories promote adjustment of contact between parents and kids.

Tell that you do.

The kid with pleasure will consider pictures in books and magazines.

You can think up the short stories accompanying pictures.

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How itit

How itit It at them a stick the rag – in a raincoat for the princess turns into a racer, and.

And we than worse You gather … get a bottle with spirits … Let's assume that spirits ended, and it is a pity to throw out.

As it still it is possible to use – not directly If it is difficult first to present – remember itself the girl with a tail or the boy in shorts.

How itit of it would dispose What is a toy.

Look at any thing and tell to itself If it to play, it will be turns, turns ….

And in what Or – on the contrary.

Ask itself a question Of what it is possible to make carpet – the plane Look back around.

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With their

With their Not only flowers, and everything that it interests vases, columns, landscapes.

Both on a board, and on paper.

These are spontaneous attempts.

From the smallest age our pupils use paints, learn to combine, regulate them a color saturation.

To select the exact shade corresponding to natural color.

For this purpose there is a material consisting of tubes with three primary colors red, yellow, dark blue.

With their help it is possible to receive a set of different flowers and shades.

The eye gets used to distinguish the smallest nuances of color.

For drawing remarkably prepares studying of natural sciences.

Once I showed to children a flower structure.

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